Natural Bridge Zoological Park

Welcome to the Natural Bridge Zoological Park. Home to the largest, most complete collection of animals and birds in the state of Virginia and breeding center for rare and endangered species.

The naturbruck Zoo is and has always been a private property and has never accepted any form of public or local funding. The Natural Park Bridge opened its doors to the public in 1972 and has since expanded. The main objective of the Natural Bridge ecosystem has always been the propagation and reproduction of endangered or threatened species. We try to give students and the general public the opportunity to learn more about the living animals, birds and reptiles that share the earth with us. Many children have little or no contact with natural beings in their daily life. While television programs are educational institutions, there is nothing to walk next to a giraffe, to be put to howl with a flame, making a baby camel, dromedary, or look into the eyes of a great white tiger, for you, to feel and appreciate our wonderful world of animals.

Many uninformed but well-intentioned people think that all exotic animals are free in their natural habitat. What they do not realize is that wildlife Habitat and in many cases, due to logging, poaching, Agriculture and Human Invasion have been degraded. At the Zoo Bridge, we have been raising endangered and endangered species for more than 45 years.

Little known fact, some of the species that we have spread over a number of generations include: reticulated giraffe, Bongo, Sitatunga antelope, Beisa Oryx, Kudu, Blesbok, Riffbarsch discrepancies, Sarus discrepancies, Stanley discrepancies, crane, Crown, West Africa, Macaw scarlet Macaw, blue and gold Macaw Military, Yellow-Naped Amazon parrot, crowned East African unconformities, Sacred Ibis, lemur with tail ring, bear falsayano, antelope, Sitatunga, Nyala antelope, Grant-Zebra, Chamele camels, capuchin, picaresque.


Zoo de Thoiry

We are partners with the French Zoo : Zoo de Thoiry

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The Natural Bridge Zoo is located off Interstate 81 between Exits 180 and 175 in Natural Bridge, Virginia.

If you are heading North on I-81, take Exit 175 to Route 11. Take Route 11 North over the Natural Bridge and continue one mile north to the Zoo.

If you are heading south on I-81, take Exit 180 on the left exit to Route 11 South. Continue South for three miles and you will see the Natural Bridge Zoo on your right.

The Natural Bridge exits are approximately 12 miles south of Lexington, Virginia and 35 miles north of Roanoke, Virginia.


$8.00 - Adults
$7.00 - Senior Citizens
$6.00 - Children 3-12 (Under 3 are Free)

Group Rates available

Season Passes available for adults and children.


Let Asha, our African Elephant, take you for a ride. Elephant ride with photograph is $9.00.
Elephant Rides
(weekends and holidays at scheduled times - weather permitting)
$5.00 per ride
$9.00 ride and photograph
$5.00 photograph only


The Zoo is open seven days a week with the following hours:
Daily: 9:00 A.M. - 6:00 P.M. on weekdays
Daily: 9:00 A.M. - 7:00 P.M. on weekends

Parking is Free!

While you are here, please browse through our Safari Gift Shop and enjoy our Free picnic grounds.

The Zoo is open seasonally from mid March through Thanksgiving weekend. Call for exact opening and closing dates.

Safari Gift Shop

Browse and shop for unique souvenirs, gifts and treasures in our newly remodeled Safari Gift Shop

Petting Zoo

One of the highlights of a zoo trip is a leisurely stroll through our petting area where visitors can feed and pet tame baby Llamas and tame miniature donkeys. Our tame deer and dozens of inquisitive and playful Pygmy goats enjoy being fed and petted by our young visitors.

The Natural Bridge Zoo would also like to inform your school or organization that we provide offsite, educational programs.

We can bring animals to your school for educational talks and petting animals to school fairs and other special occasions for kids to feed and touch. We can bring animals ranging from as small as bunnies to as large as elephants.

Call us at (540) 291-2420 for more details.